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Like warm sighs in the dead of winter.

"admiration is the emotion furthest from comprehension"

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A community for the BLEACH pairing Aizen Sousuke x Hinamori Momo

Welcome to aizenmomo!
This community is for people who support the pairing of Aizen Sousuke and Hinamori Momo of Bleach. If you like the pairing come and join and introduce yourself. ^^

~R U L E S::...

- Like the pairing of course. If you hate it, why are you here?
- Please don't bash other Hinamori or Aizen pairings.
- Keep on topic. And don't spam
- Fanwork that is adult in nature goes under cut.
- Fake cuts to your own journals, fic journals, etc are ok.
- Please try not to start flame wars with any of the members.
- Please go to soul_society or all_for_bleach for general discussion about the manga/anime.
- Use the tags! It makes searching for what you want much, much easier.

~A F F I L I A T E S::...

karakura_hs (A bleach RP)
bleach_flashfic A writing community
espadaleader Aizen community
bleach_icontest A Bleach icon contest.

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ware-ware ga ganpeki no hana o utsukushiku omou no wa ~ We think the flower on the precipice is beautiful
ware-ware ga ganpeki ni ashi o tometeshimau kara da ~ because our fear make our feet stop at its edge
悚れ無き その花のように
osore naki sono hana no you ni ~ instead of stepping forward into the sky
sora he to fumidasezu iru kara da ~ like that flower.

-- Thanks to (halcyonjazz)